Edenvale Residents Association

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Like every other residential area in Sunderland, Eden Vale does have its identified issues on this page we aim to highlight the current concerns identified by our residents .Anyone can contact us to have their particular issue included here.

Issues with Vehicles and youths gathering near the electricity sub station on Nesburn Road have resulted in a permanent CCTV mast being erected  on the junction of Nesburn Rd /Ranson St /Hurstwood Rd

Litter and noise issues which currently effect our residents on Chester Road and Thelma Street. These are the result of local youths meeting up at the location pictured on the left. Police are aware and provide patrols in the area .Police and Councillors have visited the area and some proposals were put forward unfortunately due to the reduction in spending no alterations to the area have been possible to date .

 Anyone encountering problems in this area are asked to contact both Police and Anti Social Behaviour officers (Contact details can be found on the Partners page) When making a report of Antisocial Behaviour please state the exact nature and numbers if possible  of persons involved this will help Police in allocating the best resources able to deal with the incidents

Rear of Burnville Road is an area where local youths meet on both foot and in vehicles. The issues here are similar to those on Thelma Street with the main issues being litter and noise. Police are aware and patrol the area on a regular basis. Residents do have concerns especially on the build up to Bonfire night with the noise e.t.c from fireworks being lit in a residential area.

Wearhead Drive or rather the footpath behind has sporadic issues with reports of youths meeting ,Graffiti and most recently off road motor cycles. Police have recently identified three of the Motorcycles with the help of local residents and action has been taken to prevent a recurrence of this issue. The Councils Clean Team have also responded swiftly to clean the work of a `would be` Graffiti artist in the area hopefully with the residents help he too will be identified by Police and dealt with accordingly.

The land at the top of Fernville Street near Oaklands Terrace /Pendle Green was originally a problem area when residents identified local youths playing football near the busy Mount Road .More recently youths in vehicles have been parking here playing loud music,littering and causing Criminal Damage in the form of Graffiti. local businesses nearby have installed cameras which we can hopefully access should issues persist.

This is how it all started really wasn't it ? A group of residents determined that they were going to make a difference and certainly in this case the difference is there for all to see. Let`s keep up the good work folks !

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