Edenvale Residents Association

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EVRA Meeting 5th July 2016 6:30 – 8 p.m.

Richard Avenue Primary School

Chairman: Alan Rinaldi (AR)

Treasurer: Victor Muir

Secretary: Vacant

A list of names of the 25 who attended is on file. Apologies were received from Cllr. Atkinson.

  1. Minutes of meeting held 10th May 2016, after correction of minor typographical errors, were accepted as a true record.
  2. Representatives of the ‘True Friends of Barnes Park’ updated members on a range of issues concerning Barnes Park following the withdrawal of security in the park and the leaving open of the park gates 24/7.’True Friends’ are seeking a copy of the original award letter from Heritage Lottery Fund to establish what obligations were placed upon Sunderland Council when the funding was accepted. They are also seeking a meeting with Sunderland M.P. Julie Elliott to seek her support in reinstating security in the park and maintaining the park whereby all will feel safe when in the park. A young mother stated she was now reluctant to take her daughter into the park owing to the level of vandalism e.g. damage to toilets. A member questioned why the toilets were being closed when the Coach House Cafe closed albeit many people were still in the park. A range of solutions were suggested by members including seeking volunteers to lock the gates, approaching local employers to ‘sponsor’ the park, could Police be responsible for locking gates, obtain estimates from Security companies for providing security and present these details to potential sponsors.. Police not have resources to lock up however they recommended that park users should report all incidents details of which will be shared with the council. It was agreed that EVRA and ‘True Friends’ will seek to work together and keep each advised of progress.
  3. ‘Sunderland West Community Helpers’ were unable to attend. A future date will be agreed.
  4. ‘Community Speedwatch’ Newly appointed Inspector Carty outlined the scheme and informed members that Police now received training in use of monitoring devices and were ready to train volunteers for deployment in local area. Discussion on whether the aim of scheme was to obtain prosecutions or modify the behavior of motorists. Statistics were provided to members on use of initiative in Northumbria Police area (copy on file) showing numbers of volunteers, vehicles recorded and % speeding. Not all members were convinced of the merits of the initiative in reducing speed of vehicles in our community. Volunteers are being sought; a minimum of two is required one to use equipment and one to record data. Application can be made online via Northumbria Police.
  5. Members questioned why CCTV camera had been removed from corner of Hurstwood / Nesburn Roads. Police explained that a limited number of cameras which only positioned in one place for a limited time. If seen to be no need in a location it will be moved elsewhere. Decisions to move cameras are made by LMAPS (local multi agency problem solving groups) a multi-agency group of Police, councillors. If you consider that a camera is needed in an area make that request via the Police. A member asked whether ‘dummy’ cameras would be a useful addition to the area. The Police advised that Council did not favour the placement of such devices. The parking of vehicles on the pavement adjacent to ‘Barbers’ on Eden House Road was continuing. Members considered this to be dangerous to both pedestrians and other road users who travelling across junction. Police will investigate.
  6. Brown bins had been removed by council for those who had lodged request at last meeting. Members were encouraged to continue to monitor general upkeep of the area following further reductions in personnel by council and report all incidents using the numbers provided. Discussion on whether homeowners / landlords be charged for removal of ‘dumped’ rubbish however it was acknowledged that difficult to identify owner. A member expressed concern about storage of ‘large’ amounts of fuel in domestic property. Consensus was no offence being committed however suggested that monitor and report to council.
  7. A member reported incident of vehicle being driven erratically and at speed around the area. Police reported that individual had been arrested. A member said was concerned about large numbers of children without seat belts being in vehicles around RAPS. The Head of RAPS to be approached re possibility of issuing advice to parents / carers
  8. Next EVRA Meeting 13th September 2016

    Barnes Pallion Millfield Residents.Assoc. Meeting 12th July 2016 7pm at St. Mary Magdalene Church

EVRA Meeting 10th May 2016

Chairman: Alan Rinaldi (AR)

Treasurer: Victor Muir

Secretary: Vacant


  1. A List of names of the 32 who attended is on file. No apologies were received.
  2. Minutes of meeting held 15th March 2016. Cllr. Essl queried the final paragraph of the minutes requesting that they be amended as he had not received details of the meeting nor previous meetings going back to November 2015. The Chairman responded that details of the meeting were sent to them on two occasions via email, included in ‘Down Your Way’ section of Sunderland Echo, included in posters placed in RAPS noticeboard outside main entrance to RAPS and in window of local store and estate agency plus included in minutes of previous meeting which also posted on EVRA website. Further the Chairman reported that he had spoken with ICT Manager at Sunderland Council who advised that the relevant emails had been received by their server. The Chairman offered to discuss this issue after the meeting with the affected Cllrs and requested that with limited time available we move on to the agenda for tonight’s meeting
  3. Crime and Anti-Social Behavior. PC Armstrong provided a comprehensive report on recent events in the area. Following a request from EVRA he used street and road names as reference points in his report which was welcomed by members. He reminded residents to be extra vigilant as the light nights are with us and ensure doors and windows are secured. He informed the meeting that an application for ‘Public Space Protection Orders’ (As discussed in previous meetings) had been lodged with Sunderland Council. He confirmed residents will be consulted prior to the introduction of such orders. Residents should continue to report all incidents because only this will result in any available additional resources (cameras, patrols) being used / focused in the area. A report had reached the group regards the removal of the security officer in Barnes Park and the opening of the park 24/7. Cllr. Atkinson 'Chairman Friends of Barnes Park' said that no such decision had been taken and it will be a ‘Protected Park’. In response to a question from a member PC Armstrong reported that the ‘Flasher’ who has been in the area for some months had not been apprehended but a description had been obtained and the investigation was ongoing. The parking of motor vehicles on the pavement outside the Barbers on Eden House Road was causing inconvenience to residents. The police agreed to investigate. An offer by EVRA to the Police to host PACT meetings will be responded to following the settling in of the ‘new’ senior members of the local Police team.

4.Environmental Issues. Incidents of littering and dog fouling continue to be a problem for residents. A brief discussion was undertaken on what residents could do for themselves however it was acknowledged that not all were able to participate in litter picking and other community led initiatives aimed at improving our community. Residents were encouraged to report all incidents to the relevant Council department, details of which are on the EVRA website and the flyer available at our meetings. Information on how to have obsolete brown bins removed i.e. from households which had not paid the annual fee.was requested by a resident. Cllr. A agreed to arrange collection. EVRA had been informed of a major reduction, a figure of 80 had been mentioned, in the complement of street cleaning and associated personnel which would result in less frequent visits to the area by cleaning, refuse and maintenance personnel. Cllr. Essl responded that no such decision had been taken.

5. 20 mph zone and Local Parking Issues. The road signs have now been erected at the perimeters of the designated area. The street markings for the 20 mph and other road markings requiring reinstatement will be undertaken in the summer of 2016. Following a request from a member who considered that the road signs had been erected too close to the respective road junctions e.g. Durham Road and Richard Avenue and were likely to be missed by motorists entering the area EVRA contacted the relevant Council department. The Council responded that the location of the signs was as per the relevant legislation and in keeping with accepted practice. The impact of the new arrangements on motorists would be monitored. EVRA would also be undertaking monitoring and was considering purchased speed measuring devices. It was again decided to defer any decision on ‘Parking Permit Scheme’ however those directly affected were encouraged to maintain logs of how they were being inconvenienced by the parking and movement of vehicles.

A.O.B. Anyone having difficulty contacting ASBO Dave Lynn should use direct number available.

RAPS Summer Fayre to be held on Saturday 9th July 2016 from 1pm

Next meeting of BPMRA to be at St Marys Church Hall at 7pm on 7th June 2016

Next EVRA meeting to be at RAPS at 6:30 pm on 5th July 2016

Eden Vale Residents Association (EVRA)

Chairman: Alan Rinaldi (AR)

Treasurer: Victor Muir (VM)

Secretary: Vacant

EVRA Meeting 15th March 2016          MINUTES

1.            26 members attended – list of names on file. No Apologies were received.

2.            Minutes of meeting held 19th January 2016 required 2 amendments

              i) Apologies from Marjorie Trueman omitted

             ii) Penultimate paragraph omitted ‘Wearhead Drive’ and now reads ‘on corner of Nesburn Road and Wearhead Drive.’

The minutes were, following amendment, accepted as a true record.

3.            Matters Arising –

Re: The introduction of a 20 mph zone around Richard Avenue Primary School (RAPS), Hurstwood Road and Ranson Street.   The statutory notice period has expired and no objections to the proposal were received.  Sunderland Council advises that the 20 mph signs will be in place by mid-April 2016. The road markings will follow shortly after this date.

Re: EVRA accounts. The treasurer reported that the accounts have been independently audited.

4. Residents Parking Scheme. Following discussion at January meeting Members of ‘Barnes Pallion Millfield Residents Association’ (BPMRA) were invited to give a presentation on their experiences of local Residents Parking Scheme. The meeting was provided with a history of the scheme, problems encountered and advice on achieving goals i.e. work closely with Council and have a lot of patience. The scheme has completed three phases and a fourth is out to consultation. A lively discussion ensued with a wide variety of opinions expressed and alternative solutions proposed including introduction of ‘Park and Ride’ schemes for hospital employees, wider use of the Metro. A group member who is employed at Sunderland Royal Hospital (SRH) outlined options available to staff including details of charges levied by SRH for parking some of which do not guarantee a parking space. It was noted that other areas of the city had expressed an interest in the scheme however it was agreed to defer any action by EVRA. It was suggested that affected residents start to keep a record of vehicle movements in the vicinity of their home which would be invaluable in any future application to council.

5. P.C. Simpson provided a report on recent crimes in the wider Alpha 4 area which totalled approximately 300 crimes since last meeting including 95 calls to Police, 14 crimes and 2 burglaries in Eden Vale area. P.C. Simpson responded to a question from a member regards burglaries and advised that offender had been apprehended. A discussion on the future of Police and Community Team (PACT) meetings found that the majority of members were not aware of these meetings and had not seen posters advertising them, for example, the PACT meeting on 15th February at RAPS was attended by two residents. The Police inspector for West Area has been contacted about this matter. The EVRA committee has offered to host the PACT meetings as part of their own bi-monthly meetings and assist in advertising the date of future PACT meetings. A reply is awaited from Police.

Anti – social behaviour (ASBO), including litter dropping, noise, and car speeding by a minority of our community continues to be a problem causing local residents a great deal of distress and inconvenience. Recent incidents included littering and car speeding around Thelma Street, groups of men in cars around Nesburn Road creating unacceptable levels of noise and littering, painting on walls near Vale Street, setting of fires and fly-tipping on mineral line.  Members discussed how the different agencies including the Police and Council were responding to the affected residents’ concerns and how different incidents were being prioritised. Members were encouraged to continue to report incidents of ASBO. A discussion on which was the first point of call concluded that the relevant council department should be contacted however if an individual considered their own personal safety was at risk they should contact the Police.  A list of telephone numbers of relevant council departments and Police was offered to those affected.

Open forum. A resident reported they had not received a receipt nor information pack following payment of fee for collection of Garden Waste ‘Brown’ bin. It was suggested information would be sent out by Council towards end of April. A query re privatisation and reduction in frequency of bin collections was responded to by Barnes ward councillors who advised there were no plans for such changes.

A member reported that road markings at end of Eden House Road required re-instating. Councillors advised that would be replaced in April.

The councillors in attendance indicated they had not received notice of this meeting. The Chairman responded that details of the meeting were sent to them on two occasions via email, included in ‘Down Your Way’ section of Sunderland Echo, included in posters placed in RAPS noticeboard outside main entrance to RAPS and in window of local store and estate agency plus included in minutes of previous meeting which also posted on EVRA website.

The meeting closed at 8:00 pm

Next meeting is 10th May 2016

Eden Vale Residents Association

Chairman: Alan Rinaldi (AR)

Treasurer: Victor Muir

Secretary: Vacant


EVRA Meeting 19th January 2016

1. 27 members attended – list of names on file. No Apologies were received.

2. Minutes of meeting held 10th November 2015 were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters Arising –

Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) are we understand being considered by local council but no details as to possible areas to be covered is known to EVRA. P.C. Simpson provided the meeting with a brief outline of how they may work in our community.

Installation of CCTV camera at junction of Hurstwood Road and Nesburn Road is underway. The intended location is considered acceptable by those members who raised objections at previous meeting (12/11/15)

Introduction of 20 mph zone around RAPS, Hurstwood Road and Ranson Street. EVRA has made numerous requests to Council for a timetable regards erection of 20mph signage however the proposal remains in Council legal department which we understand decides on the level of priority to be given. However a resident of Ranson Street reported that a consultation document had been attached to a lamppost near his property, the group will examine this and report back. (A visit by the Chairman on the next day confirmed that a consultation document had been attached to the lamppost indicating a closing date for responses of 29th January 2016.) Some members considered the introduction of 20mph would have limited or nil impact on those motorists who are driving at excessive speed in the area. It was suggested by some members that the 20 mph would only be effective if accompanied by installation of additional traffic calming measures. After a lively discussion it was decided to maintain our support for the installation of new signage rather than jeopardise that by seeking these other measures at this stage. The option to revisit this issue was agreed.

4. The treasurer reported he had received correspondence from EVRA’s bankers that the new signatories on the account had been finally agreed and changed by the bank. Thanks were expressed to Mr Muir for the many hours he had spent resolving this matter. The account has a balance of £1216.70 which includes a £100 goodwill gesture from bank for inconvenience caused by delay in actioning our request. An outstanding bill for the production of laminated posters can now be paid. The Treasurer will now arrange to have the accounts independently audited for presentation at next meeting.

5. P.C. Simpson reported that there had been no major incidents in the area but he reminded all members to be vigilant in securing their property and possessions. The ‘Community Opportunity’ initiative was discussed and the Chairman reported back on his experience when he accompanied Officers on an evening patrol in the area. There were plaudits from some members who had been assisted by the local Police team since last meeting. There was discussion on whether the Police or local council should be the first point of contact when reporting Anti-Social Behaviour. P.C. Simpson informed the members that the police now have a Twitter account <@NPSSunSW>

6. The upcoming introduction by council of a charge to empty brown bins of garden waste was discussed. The majority of members had no objections to this initiative and were making arrangements to pay charge. Some members were making alternative arrangements for the disposal of garden waste including sharing the charge with a neighbour.

Litter dropping, residents leaving their bins on the pavement after collection and dog fouling continue to be problems in the area. Members were encouraged to report all incidents to the council. A list of telephone numbers of relevant council departments was offered to those affected.

After a period of absence groups of young men have returned to meeting near the substation on corner of Nesburn Road. These groups are causing local residents a great deal of distress particularly with the noise created in the early hour’s i.e around 1am. The local Police team are aware and will monitor situation.

Some members continue to have difficulty parking outside their homes. The possible extension of the ‘Residents Parking’ scheme into our area was discussed and the majority favoured such an extension. An outline plan of the next stage of parking scheme covering Chatsworth Street and Mount Grove was provided to the group. An alternative view was provided by one member who works at Royal Hospital who outlined the costs faced by hospital staff if were to park on site or the distances to be walked to park away from the hospital.

The meeting closed at 7:50 pm

Next meeting is 15th March 2016

Eden Vale Residents Association

Chairman: Alan Rinaldi (AR)

Treasurer: Victor Muir

Secretary: Terry Robertson


EVRA AGM 10th November 2015

1. Apologies - None

2. Minutes of meeting held 15th September 2015 were accepted as a true record.

3. Matters Arising - None

4. The Chairman welcomed everyone to the 2015 AGM of EVRA. The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and for being part of the association for the past 12 months. He reminded members that the association only exists because of and for its members, and we are all members. EVRA only succeeds in achieving its goals because of its members efforts supported by a host of other individuals and organisations e.g. local councillors, Police, City of Sunderland Council, and RAPS to name but a few. The Chairman reported that 5 meetings have been held since the 2014 AGM attended by a total of 124 residents. Details of these meetings can be found on our website < http://edenvaleresidentsassociation.webs.com/>

The issues over the past 12 months included

a. Anti-Social Behaviour – Public Space Protection Order. A lively discussion took place on the use of these orders and other initiatives e.g. installation of remote controlled CCTV to manage anti - social behaviour. The committee will seek further information on placement of CCTV which not universally welcomed by members.

b. Car parking & speeding – parking around hospital, Community Speed Watch, 20mph restriction, Parking / Stopping around RAPS. A high level of frustration expressed by members regards the delay in installing the new signage for 20mph around RAPS.

c. Collaboration with BPMRA has continued with EVRA members attending BPMRA meetings. A merger with BPMRA has been ruled out for the present however the situation will continue to be monitored. There has been increased attendance at EVRA meetings albeit limited success at seeking to encourage wider community representation. Attempts to find a venue for earlier meeting had not been successful. Members were reminded of the regular PACT meetings and the ‘Community Opportunity’ initiative which enables residents to accompany Police on their patrols around our community.

d. Streetscene – Impact of introduction of charges for collection of bulky items and proposal to charge for collection of garden waste was discussed. There are continued problems around bins being put out early and left on street by residents; litter from shop at ESSO petrol station and ice cream vendor; dog fouling. Members were encouraged to report any concerns as soon as possible. Further copies of the list of relevant telephone numbers was made available to members.

e. A brief discussion took place on the development of EVRA website and the wider use of associated Gmail account to communicate with other members of EVRA.

5. Treasurers Report

The treasurer reported that a total of £ was held in the EVRA bank account. He reported that despite numerous visits to and correspondence with the bank the names of the signatories on the account have not been updated.

6. Election of Officers for 2016

There were no nominations for the committee. The Chairman and treasurer agreed to continue in office. The meeting endorsed their nominations.

7. Open Forum

Cllr Tye provided the meeting with a comprehensive review of initiatives providing opportunities for young people in our community.

8. Date of Next Meeting: 19th January 2016

Eden Vale Residents Association
Minutes of the meeting held September 15th, 2015 at 1830 hours,
Richard Avenue Primary School
Alan Rinaldi (AR)- Chairman, Victor Muir (VM)- Treasurer, Terry Robertson(TR)-Secretary, Chief Inspector Sarah Pitt, Inspector Laverick, Acting Sergeant Scott, Ian Galbraith, Rebecca Atkinson & Michael Essl (Councillors), Karen Todd (Headmistress), Dave Lynn (DL) A.S.B.O Sunderland Council, G. Ross committee member.
Attendance- 35
Apologies — none
Introductions made, meeting started by A.R.
Previous meeting minutes read and approved with amendment.
Matters Arising:
1) George Ross reported youths gathering, general noise from people and cars in the Thelma Street area. • Resident agreed that this was the case and also included the Burnville Road area. A.R. added males seen at the substation, increase in litter and urination around the area seen during daytime hours and at 0230hours. This concern was shared by Hurstwood Road resident between 2300 — 0400hours.
• A.R. advised to not sit in silence.
• Chief Inspector Pitt discussed her role and that of the multi -agency approach including police, council and youth offending teams to solve problems within the area.
• In 2014, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders were changed to Dispersal Notices to leave for 48 hours. Police working with all concerned. Public space protection orders - new initiative in designated areas whereby gatherings not allowed. It is a court order, at present it is with council legal teams and is being set up. • Representatives from Youth Services spoke about being on patrol with police to stop gatherings. • A.R. asked how to communicate with them and figures now reportedly show a down turn. • C.I. Pitt advised to ring 101 with any issues or send a letter or email. • Resident question to D.L, enquired on the procedures. D.L advised he sends out questionnaires, checks with police information and previous complaints received via the council. • Resident advised he believes Hurstwood Road is worse now than ever and stated 'the council' reportedly informed the neighbours who had complained about them. • Other residents discussed how they fear of the 'backlash' if a complaint in made. • M.E spoke of various other steps taken and doubted that the council would release information of the complainant. • D.L clarified that no information is ever given out. • C.I. Pitt asked persons involved to speak after the meeting on any offences. • A.R. reminded residents that report forms can be obtained from the council to be completed with dates / times / locations of incidents etc. • D.L. agreed informing the group to contact 0191 5205550 for copies of the incident reporting forms. • A concerned resident advised they had previously rang the number and verbally communicated an incident over the phone but now feels intimidated by 'bad neighbour'.
2) A.R introduced Gordon and Sophie from Youth Almighty Football who work in the Eden Vale and Burn Park areas. Roles discussed, open to age ranges 8-19 years, takes place 1900 — 2100 hours on Thursdays. Also advised on local youth clubs to engage with people. • Resident advised they have never seen Youth Almighty in the Eden Vale area.
3) Sunderland City Council Youth Leader and Outreach Worker Abdul introduced himself and his work. His role is to find out and solve issues within the community. Discussed there is a lot being done to help youths find appropriate areas to meet and socialise.
4) Young Asian Voices (YAV) was discussed, unknown to many but reported to meet at Burn Park.
• K. Todd spoke on what goes on at Richard Avenue School, youth provision. Discussed it is a cultural school and also there is nowhere in the area for youths to go.

• Resident stated youth clubs are in the areas but certain ethnic groups choose not to

• Resident asked if laws are now diluted, what has changed from them to now to alter the approach. • C.I. Pitt said new legislation is to replace old with new ways and reforms. • Resident stated these are not new problems though. • C.I. Pitt said more people in vehicles now • K. Todd advised Asian youths are 20 years plus with different lifestyle, culture and night life. • R.A advised of a Sunderland Partnership meeting for parents but none are present at the meeting tonight. • D.L. emphasised the different agencies who work together.
5) A.R. asked the group if there are any new issues with litter • Resident advised to have seen rats. • G.R agreed and also stated that rubbish has been dumped in Thelma Street area. • Resident stated a mattress has now gone from Hurstwood Road. • D.L reaffirmed to ring up and report. • G.R. complained about bins being left out. • D.L stated that notices can be served on homeowners when bins left out. • A.S. Scott confirmed of street patrols on bins • Council officers follows bin lorry and places stickers on.
6) A.R. asked if anyone had any questions for any of the councillors in attendance. • Resident enquired to M.E. any progress on clearing of bushes etc. to stop hiding places • M.E advised work is still ongoing.
7) V.M Substation (Nesburn Road) asked who owns the grass to the left hand side as it is overgrown.
• A.S Scott advised that Bill Blackett knows.
8) Residents question Burnville Road corrugated sheeting laying around.
• M.E stated he would get it cleared up. Discussed it is difficult for council to insist on rubbish clearance on private property if it is not rotting material.
9) V.M asked councillors about the litter outside the school and requested litter bins.
• K.Todd said the litter is probably due to the attraction of the ice cream van. • V.M asked is this van legal?
10) R.A spoke regarding Wearhead Drive vegetation / bushes cut down. Has sent emails to Taylor — Wimpey Builders.

11) R.A. is aware of youth troubles in Nesburn Road
12) M.E re affirmed residents to ring in and more resources will be given.
13) R.A. 20 mile speed limit in Hurstwood Road is to come into force. Have received positive comments on this and we do listen.
With thanks to Mrs K Todd and Mrs S Atkinson for the use of the school and supplying refreshments.
Next meeting is A.G.M 10/11/2015 at Richard Avenue School




Present Alan Rinaldi, Chairman, Victor Muir, Treasurer, Terry Robertson, Secretary, Councillors M. Essl & it Atkinson, P.C. Simpson, Council A.S.B.O. Officer, D. Lynn, Sunderland Council G. Ross.
1. Apologies for absence: Ann Rafferty, A. Gordon (Gentoo), Ian Gallbraith Councilor, Julie Elliott M.P. , Mr & Mrs Shewan.
2. Minutes from previous meeting held on 5th May, read and approved.
3. Matters arising:
Extended area for 20 M.P.H. Speed limit. 250 consultation letters sent out, 80 returned. AR. Spoke on links with Barnes Pallion & Milffield Residents Association. Councillor Essl queried any possible link-up/merger. Subject arose around lack of toilets in the city. Sue Adamson of B.P. & M.R.A. to bring up subject with the council.
A white van is parking poorly in Hunters Hall Road, to be addressed.
Resident spoke about rubbish in the undergrowth, also overgrown shrubs and bushes in Wear head drive. R.A. (councillor) requested a list of works to be done.

4. Correspondence: None.

5. REPORTS FROM POLICE COUNCIL AND COUNCILLORS: Initiative by Northumbria Police where members of the public patrol with the police for a few hours (if you are interested ask for a form). Vera Baird, Police & Crime Commissioner has £2,000 of fund money to be applied for.
P.C. Simpson gave figures of 101 calls, 19 crimes, 49 disorder, 2 thefts of bins, 2 thefts of lead, 3 assaults, 1 burglary (commercial), 1 house burglary, 1 drugs related crime and criminal damage to 5 cars. AR. asked if figures were up or down. P.C. Simpson said up.
G.Ross spoke on bins being left out. A resident mentioned in Stewart Street rubbish bin bags were lying around.  Inspector Laverick and C/Inp Pitt to sort out dispersal orders for people in groups, to date none have been issued.   

  V. M. stated disorder problems in his area and is not happy R confirmed this is also in his street. D.L. told individuals to ring him to record incidents for possible action (5205550).
Michelle (Sunderland Council) introduced herself as a mediator from the council and spoke about her job role.
P.C. Simpson spoke to some parents regarding misbehaviour of youths. A.R. said Mrs. Todd (head teacher of R.A.P.S.) to suggest times of meetings, afternoon, early evening etc., to increase attendance. Resident remembered when meetings were in the main hall. Resident said no confidence in the actions of problem solving after suffering for 10 years. A diary has been kept, nothing has happened, major disagreement and discussion on progress.
Resident stated we should move on to future goals.
G.R. complained of double parking in Thelma Street and the area being gridlocked. M.E. To look at. Sue Adamson B.P.& M.R.A. spoke on parking scheme phase 4 soon to come in.
R.A. spoke on Eco Logic project for Barnes Park rough grass area, including large planters, incredible edible, adopting an area, growing spices, having BBQ's. RA. Frank Stiles artist to assist in murals on walls.
RA.. asked for volunteers to clear up Hurstwood Road area. M.E. promised skip for the job. D.L. Reiterated ring the council to report any incidents. Ian Graham (local services) was asked for dog bins. Alan Gordon to possibly come in the future to speak on work.
A.O.B. Nil Next meetings:
15th September 6.30 p.m. 10th November 19th January 



Eden Vale Residents Association

Chairman: Alan Rinaldi (AR)

Treasurer: Victor Muir

Secretary: Terry Robertson



Meeting held on: 5th May 2015

Venue: Richard Avenue Primary School


Apologies: David and Hilda

Alan opened the meeting by thanking all those present for dragging themselves away from the General Election.

  1. Copy of Agenda and Minutes of meeting held 10th March 2015 distributed. Minutes accepted as a true record by meeting. Agreed that future minutes be posted on EVRA website.

  2. Matters arising.

The Proposed introduction of a 20 mph speed limit around Richard Avenue Primary School was discussed. Alan reported that he had met with Sunderland Council officials and other interested parties and Council officials had agreed to undertake a second consultation on a proposal to extend area covered including full length of Hurstwood Road.

Community Speed Watch. No further action has been taken however Police willing to discuss extension of scheme, subject to local funding. Community Chest suggested as a possible source of money for this.

A proposal that that EVRA establish closer links with ‘Barnes, Pallion and Millfield Residents Association’ was passed unanimously.

‘Community Action Day’ proposed for 21st March was cancelled owing to lack of volunteers.

Meeting informed that next P.A.C.T. meeting to be held Monday 11th May at 6pm in Richard Avenue Primary School. Meeting informed

Meeting informed that ‘West Area Festival’ to be held in Barnes Park on Saturday 23rd May 2015.

3. Matters arising:

Concerns were raised over closure of toilets in Barnes Park from approximately 5pm when Park open to almost 9pm.

White van parked dangerously on corner of Hunters Hall Road

Undergrowth near parking bays at Wearhead Drive requires attention.

The absence of gritters from local roads during recent cold snap was queried.

Alan introduced the group to the EVRA website http://edenvaleresidentsassociation.webs.com/

The site contains information on our group, minutes of meetings and details of how to seek help with community issues. Members can leave messages for group; submit items for inclusion on agenda of future meetings at [email protected]

Meeting closed at 7:50 pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday 14th July 2015, 1830hrs at Richard Avenue Primary School


Eden Vale Residents Association 

Minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday 10th March, 2015 at 6.30pm at Richard Avenue School. 

Attendance. 17 total. 

Present. Victor Muir (treasurer) V.M., Councillor M. Essl, M.E. P.C. Simpson, Liz McEvoy (Sunderland Council) L.M., Terry Robertson T R., George Ross G.R. 

1. Apologies for absence, Alan Rinaldi. 

2. Minutes from the previous meeting read and approved (held 13th January, 2015). 

3. Matters arising, 

M.E. stated there are 10 speed watch sites and our proposed one, along Hurstwood Road, between Nesbum Roar to Eden House Road (20 m.p.h. Speed limit). No reply to letter, against scheme, if you reply obviously you want scheme. 

A very hearty discussion took place on parking at school opening and closing times, is involving many residents problems. Double parking, parking across drives, on school entrance markings, taxi drivers blocking cars in, 3 point turns or 4,5 and 6 point turns!, no belts worn, cars over-loaded. 

M.E. Spoke on use of the camera van. Road humps are to remain in Richard Avenue. 

P.C. Simpson spoke on 20 m.p.h. limit and law breaking for some of the offences above. 

Lady resident perplexed by widening of pavement at the junction of Richard Avenue and Hurstwood Road (the bend), whereby the constriction of the road inhibits cars passing and entering. 

M.E. Stated phase 4 of parking restrictions (A.B.C. streets) due to go to consultation and survey. 

Resident spoke about Thelma Street now full of parked cars. 

Resident claimed no gritters in area, M.E. to investigate as well as the fly tipping in Thelma Street. Some suggestion that this was Landlords to blame. 

L.M. Spoke on the work with Landlords regarding repairs to houses. Urged tenants to inform council on necessary repairs. P.C. Simpson asked, does it have to be tenant who informs the council. Not necessarily. She also mentioned Landlord Accreditation, empty properties, student houses, houses in multiple occupation, planning consent now needed. 

V.M. Mentioned empty property in Hurstwood Road. M.E. to look into situation. 

4. Correspondence none. 

5. Reports. T.R., M.E., Dave Lynn( from the council) and P.C. Scott went on an hours walk about in the area on the 25th February, at 11a.m. Predominately the Hurstwood Road, Eden Vale area. Noticed rubbish and what appeared to be ball bearing gun gas cartridges outside the closed sandwich shop.It should be pointed out that these cartridges are also used to inflate Bicycle tyres.  Also noticed 2 parking bays in Wearhead Drive where the bushes have been trimmed and litter removed. 

Possibility of camera being installed in the back lane of Thelma Street. 

D.L. To write to student house asking them to clear the rubbish from the front garden. Discussion on ( A.B.A. Agreements) accepted behaviour agreements used to deter individuals not to misbehave. However, consensus was to be used wisely and only where extremely necessary. 

Youths and cars apparently congregating again outside he sandwich shop.

 Discussion on Adam Swinney doing football coaching for youths and possibility of using the School. Walk continued and different views expressed on improving the area and things have been done already.

 T.R  quite impressed by what has been done in the past and what is ongoing in improving the area and after listening to these three individuals  realised a lot of time and effort has been spent on various initiatives and work behind the scenes. It was quite heartening. 

6. Any other business, none. 

Next meeting Tuesday 5th May, at 6.30 p.m. at Richard Avenue School. 



 Chairman: Alan Rinaldi (A.R.) 

Treasurer: Victor Muir (V.M.) 

Secretary: Terry Robertson (T.R.) 

Committee member: George Ross (G.R.) 

Meeting held on: 13th January, 2015. Venue: Richard Avenue Primary School. 

Attendance: 19. 

Apologies: Julie Elliott M.P. Councillors M. Essl L. Martin and Bill Blackett. Minutes of previous meeting held on 11th November, 2017 read and approved. Previous minutes also on website. 

1. Matters arising A.R. spoke on speed watch progress and how money is raised, community chest, residents association etc., 

2. A.R. Welcomed Susan and Linda to the meeting (Millfield, Barnes & Pallion Residents Association). Discussion ensued on £15 charge for refuse collection, does this cause problems?. Similar problem in the Pallion area. Apparently no noticeable increase in rubbish dumping following the charge. Landlords are given some blame re house clearances when tenants move out. 

3. A.R. mentioned full waste bins in the area. P.C SCOTT spoke on the legal side of the dumping penalties, they are severe if caught. G.R. Spoke on rubbish in Thelma Street area. V.M. Has said dog waste has been thrown around in bags. Eden House Road/Wearhead Drive area resident states rubbish in the area and drugs activity, told to call relevant service. 

4. A.R. spoke on parking issues in the area. In 11 months parking wardens have made 219 visits with 26 notices issued Eden House Road area 121 visits with 9 notices issued. Leamington Street/Chester Road area yellow lines now installed, parking is better. 

5. Mayors Parlour visit had a negative response so was cancelled. Councillor Rebecca Atkinson spoke on 20 m.p.h. speed limit for Hurstwood Road which has been approved, however, there will be a wait before implementation. 

6. Resident spoke of Wearhead Drive entrance having rubbish in the shrubs removed. Two parking bays to stay but undergrowth and bushes to be removed? 

7. Resident stated power cuts to the area are happening more frequently. National power grid to do improvements to stop  the problem. Public meeting held in Oaklands House on the matter. 

8. Condition of Barnes underpass is poor. Suggestion. For murals on walls by children and to clean up the area,l itter picking etc.,. Karen Todd R.A.P.S. Spoke for clarification of the area concerned. With ideas of "art work" similar to around Wearmouth bridge and mineral line as ideas. K.T. Is also keen to get artist to possibly work in the school. 

9. Discussion about Hawarden Crescent / Queens Crescent and surrounding area to be included in the parking scheme. 

Millfield, Barnes & Pallion representatives  Spoke on parking in their area. Apparently hospital multi-storey car park, you pay £30 per month but no guarantee of parking place, if you pay £60 per month your parking space is guaranteed. 

11. Resident says Leamington Street, Thelma Street and surrounding area can be gridlocked at times. 

12. Parking around the streets next to the hospital are going into phase 3 now, with phase 4 in 2015/2016. 

13. Rob Kennedy has an issue with footballers in the Beachville Street/ Vale Street area, 3p.m.- 5p.m. and 7.30p.m.-10.30 p.m. He has spoken to the council and Police. 

14. Dave Lynn spoke about "mosquito" alarm. Which is a high pitched alarm affecting dogs and young people as a deterrent. Talked about Adam Swinney on providing football coaching possibly at the school . 

15. K.T. Spoke at the last meeting, chicane in Richard Avenue, is it to go?, 

16. V.M. Asked why can't the footballers be moved on?, as it used to be. (General discussion on football nuisance.) 

17. P.C Scott  there are problems on solving the issue as society has changed. Police presence, mediation, home visits are all options in the process. 

18. Jim Tuckwell C.S.O. stated in previous years the older youths had been replaced by their younger associates coming through however there appears to be no following `younger` group this time and it was hoped issues might ease as the older groups will soon be at college. A.R. Says facilities exist at Bede college for football etc.,. General discussion on football as a problem then followed. 





Next meeting 10th March, 2015 at Richard Avenue Primary school at 6.30p.m. 


Eden Vale Residents Association

Chairman: Alan Rinaldi (AR)

Treasurer: Victor Muir

Secretary: Terry Robertson

Meeting held on: 11th November 2014

Venue: Richard Avenue Primary School

Attendance: 22(See attached list) CLLR Lee Martin (LM)

Apologies: Bill Blackett (West Area Response Manager), Rob Kennedy

Alan opened the meeting with a one minute silence in acknowledgement of Armistice Day.

George Ross was welcomed as a new member of the EVRA committee.

  1. Copy of Agenda and Minutes of meeting held 9h September 2014 distributed. Minutes accepted as a true record by meeting. Agreed that future minutes be posted on EVRA website.

  1. Matters arising.

  1. LM informed meeting of Phase 3 of parking scheme around Royal Hospital including requests from more streets to be included in scheme. ‘Tidying up’ of parking restrictions remains in progress.

  1. AR updated group on ‘Community Speedwatch’ and need for more volunteers to enrol. Volunteers are trained by Police however money required to purchase equipment has to be obtained by volunteer groups. Applications still being received and forms available. P.C. Simpson introduced ‘new’ neighbourhood Police team and offered support to any potential volunteers in their role.

  1. A member informed group that the 30mph illuminated sign previously on Burn Park Road has been removed. No information on when or why. LM informed group of major road works on Durham Road to St. Michaels Way to start shortly involving construction of pedestrian refuges and cycle ways.

  1. Discussion on how members informed of meetings, for example, via Echo, flyer, word of mouth. If we are to attract more members from all sectors of our community should we change the day and/or time of our meeting.

  1. Members encouraged to sign petition opposing Councils £15 charge for collection of bulky items and re-instatement of two free collections per year. Member complained about litter bins being left unemptied and thus being a fire hazard. Also household bins are being put out too early and not being brought in by some residents. LM informed group that some neighbouring councils now charging residents to empty broken bins. LM stated he was not aware of any such plans in Sunderland.

  1. Further complaints about illegal parking in Eden House Road albeit double yellow lines in place. Problem with parking in Leamington Street again raised, member told to keep log of events and inform Dave Lynn at Council.

  1. Mrs Todd RAPS Head spoke of ongoing inappropriate parking around school especially in Richard Avenue also overloading of cars, seat belts not being used, double parking and poor driving. LM to ask Council about possibility of removing chicane and installing a drop-off point.

  1. AR informed group had contacted Council about overflowing dog waste bins and possibility of more bins for recycling waste in Barnes Park. Member informed group that waste bins in Nesburn Road require emptying. AR encouraged members to contact appropriate section of Council to report such problems.

  1. Member enquired of ‘recent’ burglaries in Hurstwood Road area. P.C. Simpson stated there had been a slight increase. He advised a small number of shed alarms were available and interested residents should contact local Police team via 101.

  1. AR encouraged members to continue to contact Council to report issues ( further copies of Council telephone numbers list, issued at September meeting are available) as well as attending group meetings.

  1. AR requested any members who interested in Visiting Sunderland Mayor’s parlour to give their names at end of meeting.

  1. LM introduced ‘VIBE’ magazine which lists a host of forthcoming events in the Sunderland area.

AR  introduced the group to the EVRA website http://edenvaleresidentsassociation.webs.com/

The site contains information on our group, minutes of meetings and details of how to seek help with community issues. Members can leave messages for group; submit items for inclusion on agenda of future meetings at [email protected]

Meeting closed at 7:50 pm

Next Meeting: Tuesday 13th January 2015, 1830hrs at Richard Avenue Primary School

Residents Association

Chairman: Alan Rinaldi

Treasurer: Victor Muir-----

Secretary: Terry Robertson

Meeting held on: 9th September 2014

Venue: Richard Avenue Primary School

Attendance: 34 (See attached list) MINUTES

Eden Vale Res

Apologies: Terry Robertson, Jim Tuckwell (CSO), Rebecca Atkinson (Barnes Ward Councillor)

Alan opened the meeting and welcomed all those present including local Police team (Sgt. Hopper, P.C. Smith and CSO Phil Smith), Councillor Lee Martin, Dave Lynn Sunderland Council and Ellen Glynn (Northumbria Police Volunteer Manager) and a member of the volunteer team.

Alan apologised to those who had attended for a meeting on 2nd September. He explained that inaccurate information had been given to Sunderland Echo by a.n other. The date and time of all future meeting would be posted in the Echo and advised by mail drop. He offered the group’s thanks to Jim Tuckwell (CSO) for delivering approximately 850 flyers re meeting.

Alan informed group that Rob Kennedy, a founder member of EVRA, had resigned from the group due to pressure of other commitments. Alan, on behalf of EVRA, expressed thanks to Rob for his efforts on behalf of our community over many years. Nominations are requested for a replacement committee member preferably from Chester Road end of our area.

  1. Copy of Agenda and Minutes of meeting held 10th June 2014 distributed. Minutes accepted as a true record by meeting.
  2. Matters arising.
  1. Residents affected reported no further action on retaining wall to rear of Hurstwood Road properties. 
  2. Litter in area, cars badly and noise continues to be a problem. Residents encouraged to continue reporting problems to relevant Sunderland Council department and keep an ‘Incident Diary’ using forms available from council.
  3. Problems re use of Parking Bays in Wearhead Drive has improved.
  4. Parking and noise late at night around Burnville Street is continuing to cause inconvenience to residents. Residents reminded of telephone number 101 for reporting non-emergency incidents to Police.
  5. Parking on cycle paths outside the Mayfair buildings is continuing and no news on any Council plan to reroute cycle path along mineral line
  6. Parking outside Richard Avenue School and excessive speed of some vehicles in area is an ongoing issue.  No news on sought after 20 mph zone around the area.

3. List of Sunderland Council contact numbers issued to residents

4. Ellen Glynn (Northumbria Police) and Adrian Bint (Volunteer) gave a talk and demonstrated use of the equipment associated with the Community Speed Watch initiative. Application forms and leaflets on the scheme were made available to residents who may wish to sign up as a volunteer.

5. Councillor Martin reported on current issues including planning application for homes on Tunstall Hill, requests from homeowners for extensions to ‘Residents Parking Scheme’ and petition to Council to cancel £15 charge for collection of  bulky items. Councillor Martin finished with a question and answer session.

Councillor Atkinson sent a written report on the following issues vehicle speeding, flooding on the green, youths congregating in the park and green, vehicles around mineral line causing inconvenience to residents.

6. Incidents of intimidatory behaviour by groups of youths were outlined on two separate occasions by concerned residents. One involved drinking of alcohol by youths adjacent to residents home and the other concerned the blocking of a residents way along the footpath as she walked her child to school. This latter incident had resulted in the resident involved having to take a more circuitous route to avoid the said individuals. The Police officers present agreed to speak with the individuals affected.

Alan closed meeting and thanked Mrs. Todd (Head) Richard Avenue Primary School for their continued support for the group and providing a room for our meetings.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 11th November, 1830hrs at Richard Avenue Primary School

10th June 2014


Eden Vale Residents Association Meeting

Chairman: Alan Rinaldi

Treasurer: Victor Muir

Secretary: Terry Robertson

Eden Vale Residents Association Minutes

Meeting held on 10/06/2014

Meeting held on: 10th June 2014

Venue: Richard Avenue Primary School

Attendance:Committee, Northumbria Police Sgt P Baker,PCSO Jim Tuckwell,ASB Officer David Lynn (City Council)

Apologies: None offered

Alan opened the meeting and implemented a new and informal approach by altering the position of the seating, 12 residents present, Jim Tuckwell our local Community Support Officer (CSO) and P. Baker, the new sergeant to the area.

Victor Muir agreed to be treasurer and Terry Robertson agreed to be secretary, both at short notice.

  1. Discussion on retaining wall to rear of Hurstwood Road properties. Alan gave affected residents information on procedure for obtaining information on boundaries etc. held by Land Registry.

  2. Residents spoke at length on litter in area, cars badly parked and noise into the early hours. Most of those present felt the situation was getting worse. Dave Lynn, Anti-Social Behaviour Officer from Sunderland Council suggested reporting all anti-social behaviour incidents via 0191 5205550 and keeping ‘Incident Diary’ using forms available from council.

  3. Discussed Parking Bays in Wearhead Drive and how to prevent non- residents from parking there. It was suggested to close parking bays would need legislation. Also concern about drinking in and around Wearhead Drive but this is not a designated Alcohol Free area.

  4. A resident reported an incident about parking through the night and local noise about which she had telephoned the police. Sergeant Baker explained the procedure for reporting incidents and urged residents to continue reporting problems. This prompted discussion on calls to the police and how they are being logged.

  5. A resident reported illegal parking on cycle paths outside the Mayfair buildings plus dangers to pedestrians and cyclists associated with vehicles exiting the car wash onto Durham Road

  6. Parking outside Richard Avenue School is an ongoing issue. Also concerns about cars going too fast along Hurstwood Road. Information to be obtained on participation in ‘Community Speed Watch (CSW)’ Initiative whereby residents after attending training monitor and report traffic movements in designated area. Council Representative has stated that there have been very few calls about this problem. Comments were made as to whether this was a true reflection.

  7. PCSO Jim Tuckwell to deliver leaflets advertising next meeting in order to promote attendance and group discussion.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 9th September, 1830hrs at Richard Avenue Primary School .